Meteorites and comets

 The difference between meteors and meteorites
 How meteorites that fall to the ground
 Source of meteorites
 Components meteorite
 Classification meteorites
 Names and dates of meteor showers
 Leonids meteor

Meteorites and comets are pieces of material that are falling through the earth's atmosphere and when you come into contact with the atmosphere heats fairly glow, you may be in the small size of grains of sand, those  pieces may be so large that it does not evaporate completely up what's left of it to the ground. Mostly the color tends to yellowing leaves Shehab behind a trail of smoke The green color due to the oxygen atoms, and lasts tail of seconds to ten seconds was up for a few minutes in rare cases.

May appear meteorites closely resemble stones ground, or it can take the form of Stones burnt or volcanic, and may be in the form of metal parts dense or rocky, some may be rough or smooth, variable in size from the size of atoms sand to the large stone, the largest meteorite known to have There in South Africa, with a mass of about 54,000 kg, and in Norton County, Kansas U.S. there is a meteor with a mass of about 1,000 kg.The difference between meteors and meteoritesLaunches word Shahab visual track of a meteoroid that enters the atmosphere, and when it reaches the meteorite to the Earth's surface, it is in this case known as a meteorite.How meteorites that fall to the groundScientists estimate that up to the earth every day of those stones between 1,000 tonnes to more than 10,000 tons Most of these stones are very small in the form of atoms or dust from a few Micrometers in size (these atoms are too small to resist air and that are sufficient to slowed its speed enough so you do not have an impact during the fall to the ground).Source of meteoritesLikely to meteorites and comets come from within our own solar system, as installed provides us with references to its assets, may be common origin in with asteroids, some of these stones were similar in composition of the Earth and the moon and some are completely different, and there is some evidence to suggest that origins of comets , more meteorites or comets The iron and stone (which is rocky silicate) stone or iron.Components meteoriteScientists can determine the components of meteorites when they pass through the Earth's atmosphere, through the trajectory which overwhelmingly and optical spectrum of meteors resulting from entering rooms the Earth's atmosphere, and is color Shehab indication of its components Vdhirat sodium give Shihab orange or yellow and iron gives yellow color, and magnesium gives color greenish blue and violet calcium lends a bit, and silicon gives red color.Some meteorites accumulates in the form of a stream called Volley Chba, usually caused by the passage of a comet, but there are other meteorites appear alone clearly. And structures and meteorites and density ranging from fragile objects such as snowballs and up to one-quarter the density density snow and dense rocks and iron-rich nickel. And there is a relatively small number of meteorites that can penetrate the Earth's atmosphere and then get out of it again and this is called meteorites term fireballs cross and entering the ground at an angle of equivocation that affect them lightly req not collide.It should be noted that the millions of meteors arise daily in the Earth's atmosphere. It is noticeable that most meteorites responsible for the meteors about the size of a pebble. These meteors become clear and visible when they are on after 65 to 120 kilometers above the Earth's surface, but shatter when they are on the rise from 50 to 95 miles.Meteorites moves around the sun in a variety of orbits as they spin at different speeds. The faster these meteorites is moving at nearly 42 kilometers per second, and Hbut that the earth revolves quickly close of 29 kilometers per second, so when intervention meteoroids in the Earth's atmosphere vertically, the speed common to all of them up to approximately of 71 kilometers per second.Classification meteoritesMeteorites are classified into two categories based on the regularity of occurrence:Meteors individual or a random meteors that can be seen at any time and in any direction which is usually where there are grains of dust in space near our atmosphere can not predict the timing or where they appear.Meteors periodic or showers of meteors which comes in bursts known date in advance, which is produced from the approaching comet from the sun, where melting ice where the mixture dust impact heat of the sun and lose comet part of its mass in the form of remnants of granules dirt that remain floating in orbit the comet, and when crossing Earth orbit comet, part of those berries falling earthward component of many meteor showers. Therefore, each burst by Shehabiye regularly occur because of the comet known at specific times each year and the emergence of well-known places called radiation point.Names and dates of meteor showersRain meteorites usually called on the name of the star, or tower, which is brilliant at the time, many of the rain meteorites associated with comets, there meteors Barchaouiat in August which is a result of the passage of the Earth in an orbit remnants comet should Tuttle and so named relative to the site appearance toward the constellation Brchaos Perseus, The meteors Raat relative to the Taurus, and meteors Leonids in mid-November in relation to Leo (English meteors Leonidas Leonids meteor) and associated with guilty Timbal Tuttle Tempel-Tuttle, The Meteors Aljabbaraat which occur at the beginning of October, which is relative to the constellation Orion (English Oquards and Orioneds ) are associated with the comet Halley, and meteors Quartets for Constellation howl in the period from the end of December to early January, it is because a celestial body known as EH1 2003 and which was discovered in 2003, as well as meteors Ltinaynaat in mid-January relative to the constellation Dragon resulting from orbit comet 21 P / Giuubni - Zenar (21P/Giacobini-Zinner), and meteors Altoamyat in May where it appears Ttsaqtha hand constellation Altaman and is caused by an asteroid called فيثون 3200, and meteors Agaythariat in mid-April to return caused to the comet Thatcher and show go radiate from the constellation Harp, and Tords with comet You and so on.Leonids meteorUsually you can see the meteors in the dark night without lighting away from the pollution of lighting outside the cities, and sometimes can see the meteors dramatically, this so-called rain meteorites or showers of meteors or stream of meteors, in fact, some of these rains occur annually and at intervals almost regular, and rather that the largest number occur during the fall and winter, and increases the number of always after midnight and the greatest before dawn, and perhaps the most famous is view Percyds that peak in the twelfth of August annually.The fall of meteorites is normal and diffuse did not happen that recorded cases of death or injury due to the fall, but a few cases rare recorded, for example, in Egypt poured rain meteorites near Alexandria in June 1911 and killed because of a dog, and in November 1954 happened is that lady in Alabama U.S. had suffered serious injuries due to the fall of a stony meteorite weighs 8 pounds and crashed off the top of her home, this was the first human infection recorded.It also found sixteen meteorite in Antarctica, which is believed to be originating Mars, it has been installing gas within these meteorites match installation air of Mars also knew that journey through the Vikings that landed on its roof in 1970, and continues to dispute about what was found of structures inside one of these meteorites, known as ALH84001, Is what I found inside the meteorite are fossilized bacteria The geological

 The impact of a meteor collision in the Arizona desert at the age of 49,000 years

 Guilty due originally from Mars

 Guilty because its origin from the asteroid Vista

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